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Baseball is more than just a game

Baseball is a sport of timing, skill and luck. The goal is to score more than the other team to win. No one fights harder on the baseball field than Ty D'Arcangelis. He is hard nosed and will do whatever it takes to win on the field. Recently, he has been confronted with another battle far more difficult than a baseball game. He has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma and has gone through many rounds of chemotherapy. In fact, when ND played Oneida on opening day - Ty arrived late with his father because he was getting treatment that day. He did a round of chemo and still showed up to play the game. When my players heard about that, they were in awe of this young man. Even when he dove for a ball during the game and landed on his port - he stayed in the game.

I have known his father for over 20 years . We coached against each other many times when he was head coach at NY Mills and I was at Richfield Springs . We have continue to talk since he left Mills to become the AD at Oneida. He is a great guy and he and his wife are always at Ty's game. It is strange that he has a son Ty because that is the name of my second son as well.

The players on my team knew they wanted to do something so we decided to do a personalized bat from Cooperstown Bat Company. It was a great moment and both teams, although in game mode, knew something special was going on. This is what the game of baseball is all about. Taking a group of young men who know each other only in the heat of the game, and bring them together in unity if only for a short time. Once the game begun, it was all business.

This is a life lesson for all involved and it shows that business is more than just a game. Baseball is about life. I hope these boys will remember this moment and I hope it gives Ty the strength to finish his battle with cancer. God Bless everyone involved.

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