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It is time to start!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

How did this happen? It seemed like yesterday, I met with the ND players to tell them I was the new coach. Now in less than 24 hours, we will be starting our first practice with the JV and Varsity. We are looking like we should have around 24-26 kids coming up for our JV and Varsity. A lot of players took advantage of our SPI workouts (some did not) and we had over 20 players during the UC Winter Camp that wrapped up today. With all of that said, We have a very positive attitude coming into the season.

First, we have added quite a few names to the coaching staff. Mark Maxwell, who is a legend in West Canada Valley and has coached the CNY Pioneers for years. Mark will be the Varsity Assistant Coach. His son, Jayson, was a member of the 2016 team that went to the Section 3 final. Our JV Coach is Jody Lynch, who also has coached the CNY Pioneers for years and has been the coach of the American Legion Adrean Post team. These two coaches bring years of experience to the program and will help make this program keep its tradition going.

What are we looking to achieve this year? Our Varsity team is returning 7 starters from last years team and they are determined. They want a league title and a chance to win the Class B sectionals. It will not be easy and the competition is fierce but we have the talent to get there. It starts with the first practice and will continue through every practice and game until mid-May.

The players embarked on bringing pride to the program by re-vamping the team clubhouse and it looks great. Pictures are below. We are also doing a banner fundraiser for local businesses to put on our fences and to advertise on our website. We will also be making many repairs to our field and fixing the outside areas as well.

In conclusion, this year is going to be a great year but it will only be the start. The future is very bright at ND and we want to shine.

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