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March - In like a lion...

Baseball... A game that is played on a big patch of grass under the sun. Baseball has a certain feel and smell to it. All of those great things about baseball have one thing in common - the outdoors. Unfortunately, we play baseball in CNY. The only smell is of a gym and florescent lights replace the sun. There is hope on the horizon as the weather is getting warmer and there isn't much snow on the ground. So it is March 27th...that means we are 12 days away from our home opener. We are playing Oneida at ND on April 8th. Will we play that game? It is very possible.

What did we do today at practice - we went outside and practice on a dry baseball field at Ed Hinko Field. It was great and the sound of hitting a baseball with a fungo bat echoing outside.. it was awesome. Another good thing about today's practice was that we were visited by WUTR and they are doing a story on our team tomorrow at 6 and 11. They will also be highlighting our Captain Zach Brush and his acceptance to LeMoyne College. Make sure you watch it. If you miss it - it will be on this website soon after.

We are still selling banners for our outfield fence so if you know of a business interested, please have them contact me at

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