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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I know some of you may be thinking, the season is over so why is this guy still blogging? Coaches are always thinking and working towards the next season. After talking with the father of an ex-Juggler, I realized the connection the sport has and how important keeping the tradition of Notre Dame Baseball alive is for the ability for the program to grow. Therefore, I am starting a new page on here called the Alumni Page!  As a first-year coach, I haven’t had the opportunity to coach any Alumni, until now with nine of my players graduating, and one playing DII baseball! 

I’m now challenging you to help me connect with alums. If you have played for ND Baseball during your time in high school, subscribe to this page. Send us information about your high school career, college baseball (if you played), and what you are doing now. I want to recognize as many former Jugglers that are out there.

This school has such a great tradition that should be recognized. If you didn’t play baseball, I’m still looking for your help!  Please share this on your social media pages so we can reach as many alums as possible. You can send information filling out this online form

Pictures and information can also be sent to Thanks, Juggler Nation for helping to keep Juggler Baseball alive!

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