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There is an old saying - why do bad things happen to good people? Is it bad enough that we are stuck in the middle of a pandemic - you have to throw a horrible disease at one of the nicest, most caring family I have ever met. This is a family that would never ask you for a thing but will do anything for you if you asked them. They are the poster child for the term "baseball family." If you can find me a family that loves the game more, I would be shocked. First, there is Mark Maxwell. One of the nicest guys you would ever meet. He is honest and true and would help you in a heartbeat. He has one of the best baseball minds in the area and if you have ever seen him coach - his love for the game is second to none. That was the main reason I asked him to coach with me at Notre Dame. Then there is the Rhonda Maxwell. You will find her at every game there is and she will even keep the book if you ask her. If Mark is coaching at one game - she is certain to be at the other kids game. They don't ask questions - they just do it. The children? They have are the mirror image of the parents. Jayson is a great kid who I have known for the past 7 years. He played with my son at ND. A great player but equally a great person. He is as classy as they come. Aidan - the 3rd son - I had the pleasure of coaching last year. He is just as classy as Jayson and will also be a great contributor to society. The youngest is Issac - and from what I have heard - may be the most talented of all the Maxwell boys (which is saying a lot.) The one son I haven't mentioned yet is Connor. I don't know Connor as well as the other boys but if he is a Maxwell, that is all I need to know about him. He was just starting his first year at Cobeskill and playing well when he got the diagnosis. What 19 year old can comprehend that? What parent can hear that of one of their children? Did they just give up and take pity? Not at all. That is not the Maxwell way. They looked at this as a challenge that they will conquer. Connor is on a plan to defeat this disease and he will have the backing of his family, his community and the ND family as well. The fact that all of this is happening during a lock down where the entire family is quarantined is just more proof of this family's resolve. They don't ask for anything and especially don't ask for any pity. They don't care that they can't work because they can't leave the house due to Connor's low immune system. They do it for family and the rest is just details. How great of a family are they? A friend of the family started a go fund me page - and 24 hours later - it had already had over $15,000. Like the line from "It's a Wonderful Life" - No one asked - someone just say they are in trouble and people handed over the money without a second thought.

I am honored to know this family and to be friends with them. At ND, we are all family and we will do whatever it takes to help them. I talked to Mark last night and he is just floored by the kindness people are showing. I told him that good things come to those who are good. When my son went through some medical issues last year - Mark was the first person to reach out and tell me - whatever you need - I got you. And he lived up to that promise... A lot of other people feel the same way about them as well. So while we all sit here quarantined - remember that this family is going through that and a lot more.

Maybe we will have a season this year, maybe we won't. My only wish is the recovery of a great young man and his family. The rest is just details. But if we do have a season - we will dedicate to this family.

There is a GOFUNDME page if you wish to contribute -

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