2019 Notre Dame Varsity

One goal in mind

Zack Brush #1


 Grade: 12th

Position: Shortstop

College: LeMoyne

Idol:  My dad

Hobby: Playing sports

I’ve been playing baseball since I was little. I came to Notre Dame in 7th grade and played JV my 7th and 8th grade year then moved up to varsity in 9th grade. I am now going to LeMoyne college to play baseball and further my academics.

Deondre Linder #3


 Grade: 12th

Position: Pitcher, Middle Infield

College: Temple, Sage, RIT, Syracuse

Idol:  M.L.K

Hobby: Driving

I have played baseball since I was 5 years old and it’s a passion of mine. I also have been a gymnast and started when I was 11. I plan on majoring in graphic design or new media design. I would like to try to play baseball in college, and I go by a mato of “try harder” meaning not to give up and push through it!

Eli Neth #7


 Grade: 12th

Position: Pitcher, Centerfield

College: Lake Erie College

Idol:  Bryce Harper

Hobby: I love baseball. I hope to play at the next level. I wanna carry on the tradition for Notre Dame and the baseball team

Tom Roefaro #8


Grade : 12th

Positions:   P, UT

College:  Brockport

Favorite Subject :Math

Who do you look up to?  Aaron Judge

Favorite Hobby: Getting Bread

I am a 3 sport athlete, hard-working, proud member of jellyfam.

Matt Kelly #2


Grade: 12th

Position: Pitcher, UTL

College: Undecided

Favorite Class: Physical Education

Idol: Mariano Rivera

Hobby: Apex legends

I have Played baseball all through high school, Love apex legends, food and sleeping, NLMB, DLYML I like to sing, dance, and have fun fun fun fun funnnnnnn

Shawn Dwyer #12


Grade: 12

Position: Pitcher, First base & OF

College: Morrisville College

Favorite Class:




Joe Howard #44


Grade:  12

Position: P 1B

College: St John Fisher

Favorite Class: PE

Idol: My Parents

Hobby: Sorts

 I play Football and Baseball, love the grind and getting things done

Shawn Dwyer

Assistant Captain

With an mind for strategy, Taylor Quill makes every play an exciting one. There is no wonder that Taylor Quill was chosen as the team’s Assistant Captain, and we couldn’t be any prouder.

Female Trainer with Pink Top

Dan Fitzgerald #20


Grade: 11

Position: Catcher, OF

Favorite Class: Math/Science

Idol: My Parents

Hobby: Sports

I am a second year varsity returner looking to accomplish many things this year. We have the team to do many great things and hope to live up to our potential. Go Jugglers!

Bobby Wallace #5


Grade:  12

Position: Outfield

College: LeMoyne, New Haven, Siena, Syracuse

Favorite Class: Biology

Idol: Parents, coaches, teachers

Hobby: Hanging out with friends

I’ve been playing baseball for as long as I can remember, and this will be my last year playing high school ball. I know that there are a lot of talented players out there, so I’m always looking to improve myself and the way I play. I’ve faced many challenges in the sport, but I never want to look back on the rejections or mistakes. Rather than lament, I’m always focused on the next play and what I need to do. I want to continue to build a positive work ethic and attitude and share it with my teammates.

Vinny Destefano #3


Grade: 12

Position: Catcher, OF

College: SUNY Brockport

Favorite Class: Spanish

Idol: Sarah Kupiec/Steve Irwin

Hobby: Playing Guitar

Vincent/Vinnie has been apart of the Notre Dame Boys baseball program since his first year on modified in 7th grade. As a boy with lackluster skills on the field, he had never imagined himself as a senior playing on the big diamond around his friends. After years of work and self development, both in the classroom and on the green, Vinnie finally is within reach of his goals as a student, ball player, and person. He is eager to have a strong and successful season in his final year, personally, and with the other boys on the team, to make Notre Dame proud.

Reid Simpson #6


Grade: 11

Position: 2B, OF

Favorite Class: Math

Idol: My mother and father

Hobby: Playing Sports; being active

I love playing sports whether it’s baseball or basketball. I want to continue to work hard and grind to get better to prepare myself for years to come. :

Kyle Thomas #4


Grade: 11

Position: OF

Favorite Class: History

Idol: My Dad

Hobby: Sports

I love to play sports and I always work hard

Connor Hughes #13


Grade: 11

Position: OF, P

Favorite Class: English

Idol: David Ortiz

Hobby: Baseball

I am from Poland New York, I transferred to Notre Dame as a freshmen, as I have many hobbies such as soccer snowboarding (etc) baseball will always be my favorite.

Aidan Maxwell #14


Grade: 10

Position: Pitcher, Catcher, 1B & 3B

Favorite Class: Science

Hobby: Baseball

Bio: I love to hunt, fish, and play baseball

Boling "Simon" Pang


Grade: 12

Position: OF,

College: New Jersey I.T.

Favorite Class: Physics

Hobby: I am from China and I love playing on American baseball team. 

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